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Pink Party Children's Book (published)

The Perfect Pink Party!

The Perfect Pink Party!
Published through Signature Gifts Ltd

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Page 1

There lived a little girl called (Name).  It was her birthday and she wanted to celebrate by having a pretty pink birthday party with all her very best friends!

So (Name) started planning her party.

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “I have so much to do! First of all, I need to decide who to invite. Next, I have to write out all my invitations, and deliver them to all my friends.  Then I have to go shopping on top of that!”

So (Name) began writing out all her invitations.

Page 2

With all her invitations written, (Name) was now ready to deliver them. But first, (Name) made herself a picnic to take with her on her shopping trip because after all, it was going to be a very long day.

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “This is going to be so much fun!”

She picked up her pink picnic basket, put on her pink coat and shoes, tied her pink laces, and made her way down the garden path towards the pink garden gate at the front of the house.

(Name) was just about to open the gate when, suddenly, she remembered she had no money!

Page 3

She rushed back into her bedroom and took some money from her pink piggy bank, which she kept underneath her pink bed.

(Name) tipped out all the money from her piggy bank and counted it to see how much she had for her shopping trip.

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “I have lots of money to buy all the things I need for my pretty pink party!”

Page 4

“First, I need to find the perfect pink birthday cake for my pretty pink party,” thought (Name).

So she went to the local bakery.

There in the shop window, (Name) saw the most amazing cake she had ever seen. It was decorated in delicious pink and white icing.

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “This would be the perfect pink cake for my pretty pink party.”  

So she counted her pennies and made her way into the shop to buy the pink birthday cake.

Page 5

“I have bought the perfect pink cake, but next, I need to find the perfect pink sweets for my pretty pink party,” thought (Name).

So she went to the local sweet shop.

Behind the counter were jars and jars of every sweet you could imagine! There, (Name) spotted a big jar of pink heart-shaped ones.

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “These sweets would be perfect for my pretty pink party.”

So she counted her pennies and bought the pink sweets.

Page 6

“I have bought the perfect pink cake and the perfect pink sweets, but now I want to treat myself to a little something that will match my pretty pink dress!” thought (Name).

So the next stop was the local dressing-up shop.

As (Name) walked in the front door, she smelt perfume and saw dressing up costumes of all kinds. She quickly made her way to the back of the shop towards the make-up section. There were baskets piled high with lipsticks in every shade imaginable! (Name) spotted a lovely rosy pink one.

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “This lipstick would match my pretty pink party dress perfectly.”

So she counted her pennies and bought the pink lipstick.

Page 7

“I have bought the perfect pink cake, the perfect pink sweets and the perfect pink lipstick for my pretty pink party. But now it’s 12 0’ clock, and I am getting hungry!”

So she decided to stop for a picnic in the park. (Name) opened up the pink picnic basket and ate her sandwiches. But she knew something was missing from her party list.

“What else do I need for my pretty pink party?”  thought (Name).

Page 8

Suddenly, (Name) had a brilliant idea.

“Flowers!” she thought. “A nice big bunch of pink flowers will brighten up my pretty pink party.”

So she went to the local florist.

When (Name) walked inside, she saw buckets full of the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen, in every colour of the rainbow.

And there, right at the back behind a bucket of roses, she spied the perfect ones – a lovely big bunch of pink flowers!

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “These flowers would be perfect for my pretty pink party.”

So she counted her pennies and bought the pink flowers.

Page 9

“I have bought the perfect pink cake, the perfect pink sweets, the perfect pink lipstick, have eaten the perfect pink picnic, and have bought the perfect pink flowers, but now I am getting tired. Perhaps I will make my way home.”

On the way, (Name) passed the local pet shop. There was a pink parrot perched in the window with beautiful shiny feathers.

(Name) went inside to admire him.

“Don’t forget to deliver your invitations, (Name)!” screeched the pink parrot.

(Name) jumped back in alarm. “How does the parrot know my name?” she thought.

“Oh wow!” said (Name). “Thank you, Mr. Parrot. How amazing you are – I nearly forgot all about that! Goodbye!”

So off (Name) went to deliver her invitations.

Page 10

It was after 5 0’clock by the time (Name) got home. (Name) was tired, so she ran herself a big bubbly bath with her favourite pink rubber duck.

As (Name) soaked in the lovely warm water, she began to feel ever so excited about her pink party tomorrow!

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “What fun the party will be with the cake, the sweets, the lipstick, and the flowers, but most of all, all my friends!”

She decided that after such a busy day and with so much to do in the morning before all her friends arrived, it was probably best to go to bed. After all, the sooner she got to sleep, the sooner tomorrow would arrive!

Page 11

It was just past midnight when (Name) was woken up by something.  A big glittery object had fallen on the end of her bed.

(Name) sat up and rubbed her eyes. There was a stream of light coming through a crack in the curtain and she could just make out that it was... an enormous pink sparkly present!

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “I wonder where this has come from?”

Page 12

All of a sudden, there was a flash of pink light and lots of sparkle.

(Name) covered her eyes, it was so bright!

Before her stood a tiny pink fairy, holding a magic wand. She wore a pink dress, just like the one (Name) was going to wear to her party, and she even wore the same rosy coloured lipstick.

“Who are you?” whispered (Name). “You are so pretty and pink!”

“I am the pink birthday fairy,” the fairy replied. “And I am here to grant you three birthday wishes, so choose wisely.”

“Oh wow!” thought (Name). “This really will be the most perfect pink party ever!”

So she shut her eyes and made her first wish…


If you were given three wishes for your birthday, what would you wish for?

Why not write them in on the opposite page... unless of course they are top secret... sshh!


Published through Signature Gifts Ltd