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Photography: Gallery 4

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These are 10 Black & White photographs which were taken as part of my Photography course.

I developed all of these in the darkroom at college. The theme was 'People In The Environment.'

Listener, November 2005.
When in the darkroom, I used the technique 'dodging' to give the jagged edges around the face.

Dreamer, May 2006.
This was taken on a really sunny day

Footprints, March 2006
This was to show the presence of people

Solitude, March 2006
This was taken in Marbella. I used a high paper grade to get the strong distinctions in colour.

Golden Man, February 2006
This was taken in Covent Garden

Horse Rider, March 2006.
This was taken using my tripod

Best Friend, May 2006.
This was taken of a horse rider before she went out riding

Laughing Swings, May 2006
I used my tripod and took this of 2 children

Gossip, May 2006
This was taken in a town centre

Pigeon City, November 2005.
This Photograph was taken in Trafalgar Square

These were all taken between 08/09/05 - 02/06/06 with an MZ 50 Pentax Single Lens Reflex Camera