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You were a star in our lives.

You touched each of us in such a terrific way, and I’m so glad we found you.

You were the thinnest, shyest dog of the litter, but we knew we wanted you.

I’ll never forget our special walks together. You were always by my side.

Whenever I walk anywhere in the world, I’ll pretend you’re still walking next to me.

It’s as if you could read my mind. You’d sit and look up at me when I was sad, you were my best friend and I’d tell you everything.

You never judged, and just looked at me with those beautiful, big, brown eyes of yours.

You’d cock your head when I’d say ‘cats’ and give your paw when I asked you to.

If you were thirsty, you’d bring your water bowl in to me, if you were hungry, you’d paw at me.

But you weren’t greedy. You were so perfect, and just loved to please.

You’d never hurt a fly, apart from the wasps you attempted to eat. You’d always get stung, but you didn’t mind. It was part of your fun.

You’d roll over when the sun was shining in the back garden, and bark at me until I gave you the ball.

You’d watch me play tennis against the wall, and sit there on that patch of grass, every time. You’d never try to catch it because you knew not to.

You’d ‘stay’ when I told you to, and you’d follow when I said the word. Obedient was your middle name.

You’d play tug of war with that old towel, and you’d always win. You were so strong, and angelic, with those beautiful, black markings on your face. I’ll never forget that face….

I’d lay your head on my knee while you fell asleep, and you would purr like a kitten. You loved being around people, and I knew you were smiling.

Everyone loved you – they could tell you were special. I think you understood everything I ever said to you.

I remember playing with you when you were a baby. You’d mess up my bed by jumping on it, and do your ‘business’ on my bedroom carpet – you’d always choose my room!

I’ll never forget you, because you were a dog in a million. Your eyes shone like two bright buttons, and your coat was always as soft as air.

We’d walk together to the golf course, and walk around that special part which was just yours’ and mine.

I hope you’re running free in a wonderful place, which is full of Angel dogs like you were.

I hope you’re barking, playing endless games of tug-of-war, racing after footballs, which you can burst to your heart’s content, and that you chase rabbits to the end of the rainbow.

I hope there’s someone looking after you as you gallivant around all day in that place which is yours. Remember to look down on us, and never forget the people that loved you the most on Earth.

Because you were definitely treasured, and loved more than words could ever express.

That was my Tess.


This was written after my 8 and a half year old German Shepherd died.