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Photography: Gallery 2

This was part of my Photography course, and the theme was 'The Photography Of Movement.'

These 10 images show how I tried to capture the movement of the subject using several techniques.

Many of them show the blur of the subject, but also the frozen movement of the subject, with the blur of the background.

Trampoline, May 2006
This was taken of a girl on a trampoline, using a tripod. I wanted to capture the blur of movement

Morris Dancers, May 2006
I used a tripod, and used a slow shutter speed to get the blur of the Morris Dancers

Fast Cars, May 2006
This was another shot of the M1, this time capturing the yellow and red of the car lights

Road Racer, May 2006
This was taken using a tripod on the edge of a road using a slow shutter speed

Tree Hanger, May 2006
I was up a Willow Tree when I took this of a Tree Surgeon. He was cutting some branches down!

Flower Burst, May 2006
This was done using a tripod. I used a slow shutter speed, whilst zooming in on the flowers

Torches, May 2006
This was taken of the M1 at night. I used a tripod, a very slow shutter speed and large aperture

The Jump, May 2006
This was taken using a tripod, and slow shutter speed to capture the blur of the basketball player

On The Run, May 2006
This was taken using a tripod, showing the frozen movement of a German Shepherd in a Buttercup field

Sweet Heap, June 2006
This was taken in the studio with flash as the main lighting to show the absence of movement

These are all taken with a 35mm Single Lens Reflex Camera Pentax MZ 50.