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Writing & Radio

Photography: Gallery 6

Post-Course Photography

These photographs were all taken after my course had finished. I'm definitely going to keep updating this site with more photos!

Big Daisy, August 2006

Mass of Coy Carp, August 2006
This was taken at a trout farm, Devon

Flower Trumpet, August 2006
This was taken using a yellow filter

Durdle Door Swanage, August 2006
This was taken using a digital camera

Make A Wish, August 2006

Golden Sunshine, August 2006
This was taken using a yellow filter

Ilfracombe Cliffs, August 2006
This was taken in North Devon

Yellow Pom-Pom, August 2006

Rose Sunshine, August 2006
This was taken using a red filter

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These were all taken with an MZ-50 Pentax SLR Camera and a one with a digital camera